Laptop £500 help

    Hi, I need some help picking a new laptop. My budget is £500 but prepared to go a bit higher for something good. I'm looking for
    15.4 inch screen
    2gb ram minimum
    big hard drive

    Not to bothered about a graphics card, got to be a resonable make. I like the HP but any advice or current good deals, would be appreciated.




    why spend 500 you can get that spec for 300 squids from dell


    why spend 500 you can get that spec for 300 squids from dell

    yeah def agree. have a look at the inspiron 1525 or the vostro 1510, im sure you would be able to spec one up to your requirements for a reasonable price

    have a look ]here

    the vostro 1510 deal by emasu would be perfect, you could increase the hdd size if you really felt the need

    Original Poster

    The 1525 was the one I like because it looks good and after all theres no point in a cheap laptop if you dont like it. HAs anyone got one of these, I really wont one now.

    Thanks by the way for everyones help so far, will give you rep when i figure out how.

    i dont have one (got an m1330) but have seen pretty good reviews for it all over the place.

    heres one from a good review site, fairly detailed review as well

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