im after a cheap but new laptop
    its just for surfing the net and mainly facebook
    she dont want a net book
    so 15 inch screen is required


    price wanting to pay?

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    £250 / £300

    ive got one 15.4inch 80gb 512mb ei system but unsure if to sell or not as i could up the hd etc and it be a nice runner

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    gone up to £329 or am i missing something
    cheers for reply m8



    gone up to £329 or am i missing somethingcheers for reply m8

    didnt realise it had, sorry! :oops:

    ok second one|:…dhs

    299, still pretty decent esp for online needs


    edz1969;7899739 this any good

    yes, you will be happy with that!, fast delivery too
    win 7 for the latest whatever it is!

    will run all you need perfectly well

    one tip i recommend as its an acer, it doesnt come with any recovery disks, if you have a couple of dvd-r discs around, when you first start up, it asks to burn the recovery disks, i suggest you dont forget to do it!

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    thank you for your help i just bought it
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