Found 19th Oct 2005
Im looking for a half decent laptop for my son for christmas. Must be able to play the game wow on it.

Havent got a clue what i need but i know i need it better then the laptop that i have.

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For a start can i ask what your laptop name ?

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Its an Amilo

Also how much approximately do you want to spend on one?

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Up to a thousand but less if that is possible. :roll:

I want one that isnt going to date to fast.

Oh you're spoiled for choice then

There is a deal on an Inspiron 9300 Pentium M 1.73GHz with 17" TFT just posted on the front page, that's the top of the line Dell so it shouldn't date fast and I think it will play WoW just fine (anyone know better than myself?). Only thing is you might want to upgrade to a DVDRW drive and then you should have a high end laptop for only £800.

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Thanks ill have a look.

I just took a look at the WoW site and it says for minimum requirements:

# 800 MHz or higher CPU
# 256 MB or more of RAM
# 32 MB 3D graphics card with hardware transform and lighting, such as GeForce 2 or better
# 5 GB or more of available hard drive space
# DirectX® 9.0c or above
# A 56k or higher modem with an Internet connection

So the Inspiron should work fine, plus it comes with that massive screen which should be good for game playing. You might want a second opinion from someone who's actually played WoW what specs you *really* need though. The only thing I can think is that you might want a better graphics card, this (Radeon x300)one is alright as at least it's not some integrated card but maybe you want a really hefty one.

Also if you only need it for xmas you could hang on a bit longer and see if any other deals come up.

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Thanks for that. I never thought of looking on the site for what graphics it needed

Im going to do what you suggested and have a look round and grab the best bargain that i can, but at least i now know that i will get a decent one for my £1000 budget (luckily i came into some money or he wouldnt get anything )


I presume you already have a computer that he can play WoW on. Why can't he continue to play it on that?

In my humble opinion, there are much better things to spend £1,000 than a computer - just to play one game that will keep your son indoors for hours on end...

Andi, Christmas is a time for giving, it's spoil your kids time. Buying something worth the money you're prepared to pay for, might be a bit indulgent, but that's why we're all here.

Sometimes, when you've not had much by way of material possessions and you have the chance to experience what you mainly see as out of reach, go for it. Also it could be an investment, as folkestonelisa says "

Up to a thousand but less if that is possible. I want one that isnt … Up to a thousand but less if that is possible. I want one that isnt going to date to fast.


Maybe it will lead to other great things, who knows...

I'm not a material person myself and I agree £1000 could be spent on other essential things, but it's not for us to judge how people spend their money.

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The only reason that im spending it is because i came into a small sum of money and have a 4 yr old that alos likes playing the computer as well as my 13 yr old. Also he does do a lot of homework on the computer, builds his own websites, and wants to work in computers when he leaves school.

Also he is a really good kid, gets top grades at nearly everything doesnt shop lift take drugs or drink loves and respects me and his dad and his sister.

And he wont spend any more time on the computer just because he has a laptop he goes to army cadets which takes up a hell of a lot of his time.

And also its money that i wouldnt have had so why not invest it in the future generation. He has had to make do a lot over the years so now for once in his life ive decided to spoil him.

And its my money and ill waste it how i like :P
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