Found 27th Mar 2007
I've searched for ACERs and also Dell deals on this forum and others, and I am wanting to make my order tonight.

I am still torn between which is actually the best.

I want Vista Home Premium, 2GB Ram and a Core duo processor with a good graphics card.

I am wanting to pay around £600 but can push a bit more if needs be.

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probs there mate...some good Dell deals but for some reason they avoid Home Premium as an option for upgrade....the Comet Acer deal has finished and that was £700....
All I can suggest is that you see what you can achieve with Dell ont phone...get the right salesperson and you may bargain a good deal at the spec you require....price it first on the Dell website so you know a guide price.

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Cheers. I noticed your posts around and full of good deals.

I just want to get the best deal. I've flirted with getting one for a while, and if I am spending that kind of money I want it to last - you know?

I shall give Dell a ring tomorrow.

Thanks again.

PS Any other links / deals anyone has would be great!


new Dell deals are on here on Thursdays

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I saw that one looks great, but I wanted the premium vista. May use it as a bartering tool against the Dell sales people though thanks.

Also do most (and this laptop in particular) have a connection so I can connect it to my HD:Tv via VGA ?

yep they have a vga Dsub output.
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