Sony Vaio or HP branded, unless I can get better for the money. Would prefer not to buy from Dell.

    Looking to spend £500 to £700.



    How important is graphics power to you? Do you want vista aero to run smoothly? Any gaming? If not that IBM is good. £700 can easily get you an HP matching that IBM with dedicated graphics though, at the price I'd want to ensure wxga res screen though, HP has a £40 off code and 4% quidco when ordering direct too

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    Dedicated graphics are a must. I think most onboard graphics are pretty useless. Thanks for the replies.

    What spec / size etc. are you looking for?

    Have a nosey round ]http//ww…uk/ and ]http//ww…om/ you should find something you like on there.

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    How about Dabs .. are they ok to buy from?

    dabs are fine, can take a while for a refund, but their free delivery offer I used recently took 3 days.,..

    There was a good one at,


    How about Dabs .. are they ok to buy from?

    Yeah they're reputable enough, just tend to be bloody expensive.

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    There was a good one at,

    linkage? :giggle:

    If you buy direct from HP use code 'HPSPLDIS' for 10% discount and free shipping.

    Hope that helps.
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