Laptop about £400 + Word and Excel

    Hi Everyone

    I'm looking for a laptop basically to use for browsing the web, spreadsheet and letters.

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Not certain if I want a Compaq, HP or a Dell one. I seen a HP one in Staples yesterday for £499 with a free portable printer.




    check out the dell laptop '£60 off 1501 laptops, these one for £327, you then have about 70 for word/excel, you might also want to consider OpenOffice, which is FREE you get word in works anyways just dont get excel too

    Original Poster

    Looked at this but its apperas to be £329 plus the VAT

    ]£327 Laptop

    Take the Support down to "Collect & Return, 90 Day Service only [Included in Price]" to get it for £279 before VAT.

    PS if it's just letters and spreadsheets you're needing, you'd be fine with Works.
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