Found 15th Oct 2007

Looking for some advice on the purchase of a new laptop to replace my
desktop. My budget is up to £1000. At my desk I've got a 20" widescreen
monitor so don't really need a 17"+ screen plus my current speakers belt out
a good sound, wireless is sorted via the BT Home Hub, printing is provided
by an all in one HP model and I've got a few external HDDs to store music,
pictures etc.

I've got all the windows s/w that I need so not looking for a MAC is. I'll need to do the usual stuff: email, internet, MS Office work etc etc.
Gaming is not a priority, but wouldn't mind having the capability when the
SHMBO is not around. Also, while I don't have a HD flat screen tv, would
like HDMI connectivity just in case....Like the idea of having something
that is reasonably portable and can play media etc well when away from the

Any suggestions / deals that i should look out for?

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You could take a look at the Dell XPS M1330 range Here
It has the HDMI socket and is very small and light, prices start at £699 through to £1089.
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