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    Giving my desktop pc to my parents and getting a new laptop instead.

    Wanted one with at least 2gb ram, an hdmi output and obviously the usual high speed and large hdd.

    Come to the conclusion that it's either going to be the Medion Akoya S5610 for £499 on the medion website or the Acer 5920G-302G25HN for £449 from Comet.

    Anyone got much or any experience with either of these two and have any advice? Or even have an alternative I should maybe be looking at?



    My wifes got the Acer one, It's ok


    check asda living saw an acer today for either 349 or 399 on offer

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    My wifes got the Acer one, It's ok

    has it had any problems? what is the performance like?


    And thanks for advice on Asda Living :-)


    has it had any problems? what is the performance like?thanks And thanks … has it had any problems? what is the performance like?thanks And thanks for advice on Asda Living :-)

    Other than my son breaking the screen it's been great, I repaired it, Performance is quite good overall not a bad laptop for the money.

    I'd go for the Acer one, I bought a Medion PC 2 years ago (against the advise of others!) and am having allsorts of problems with it, had to replace the power supply unit, graphics card and memory so far, whilst they look like your getting high spec for a reasonable price, they are made with cheap components.

    acers are either good or bad. search through the forums and you will see loads of threads about hardware issues and lots of people singing praises.

    i personally have had an acer laptop which screen has gone bad for the third time and its out of warranty, so its rendered useless.....

    it also had 3 USB ports fail out of 4

    That model Acer is a very good laptop for the price, and comes with a hd-dvd drive (great for those cheap hmv offers)

    My mate has one, and i have its bigger brother:…1-1 which i bought after seeing the offer on here..

    The spec of these laptops is great, scoring a cpu score of 5.1 in vista, and obviously the discrete geforce 8600m makes this better than most laptops at playing games, cod 4 runs smooth as silk at 1024x768 high settings. Do bear in mind though the comet model has the 8600m gs card which is slower than the 8600m gt featured in the £499 lappy listed here sometime ago.

    Also the battery life listing on comets site is somewhat conservative, i have had mine running for 5 hrs on min power settings, still usable at that level too.. it will last for over 3 hrs web surfing and 2 and a bit gaming on max power.

    As for the build quality, unlike acer's i have had in the past this one actually seems fairly solid, no creaks or flexion anywhere, and the components are pretty solid too, keyboard is good and the screen is nice and bright with a decent contrast ratio and 8ms response time, so no shadowing or lag at all.

    Overall i think its well worth the money, there are reported possible issues with the nvidia graphics chip, but that seems to have died down now somewhat and acer are going down the same route as dell and other manufacturers and covering this possible fault with a specific extended warranty.

    If you want to know anything specific about this lappy and its performance etc let me know..

    Get a Vostro from Dell, should be able to get everything you want
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