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    Looking for a laptop for my daughter who's just started secondary school as a Christmas present.

    Needed for school work etc so nothing to extreme, best bargains around please or what to look for as I have no idea?


    Tesco Outlet have refurbished laptops with 12 month warranty, I've had some really good deals over the last couple of months.…014

    dell outlet does good bargains…prd?skuId=261-4785&source=awin&awc=7090_1473929766_34cd6f365217be0d15a0ebcf46a5a92a&sc_cmp=aff*awin*gmo*HotUKDeals_47868&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*HotUKDeals_47868

    This is a good deal posted a few days ago and will more than adequate

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    Sandy1012*awin*gmo*HotUKDeals_47868&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*HotUKDeals_47868This is a good deal posted a few days ago and will more than adequate

    Is that the one as below? Link won't work x

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    RiverDragon8 good deal for £194.

    Who do I get it for £194 please

    Its the same model
    Use Code - TDX-HTNK For £25 off a £150 spend.

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    Its the same modelUse Code - TDX-HTNK For £25 off a £150 spend.

    Bloody out of stock

    Something fairly sturdy, its going to get a battering, decent battery life if there is no power access. This does mean though that its likely to be heavy and not so pleasing on the eye. Preferably a 1920 x 1080 resolution display, 4 to 8GB of RAM. As little bloatware as possible or if there then remove it.
    Do not get suckered into some expensive warranty / extra insurance cover and avoid anything like an overpriced Norton / Macafee / other security software, Windows 10 security is good enough if you add some freebie stuff such as Malwarebytes.

    do not get her a crappy intel Celeron or Pentium Processor as you will be buying another one in 2 years! and she will hate you for all of the time wasted loading stuff! an i3 HP is the standard for school they come with 500GB HDD and +4GB of RAM
    i recormend this for £250…tml
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    Still not got sorted, was looking at the Argos refurbishes but there's so much conflicting advice, anyone advise any for £200 ish
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