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Sorry there’s probably a thousand of these comments on here but I’m looking for a bit of advice with regards to a laptop. I would mainly be using it for work, excel, word ect. And playing football manager on there. I don’t think that’s really a high spec game as such. Anyway I’ve been looking at this…abu

My budgets at about £500. And was wondering if anyone would have any advice please.

Much appreciated thank you.
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My first thought when anyone asks about a laptop is if they really need one. Are you planning on using it at a desk or are you planning on taking it with you when you travel. If the majority of time it will be at a fixed location, consider a desktop. You get much more for your money and much easier to upgrade/maintain in the future.

If its a laptop you need, the one you linked to looks good. The only thing I would say is that the SSD is a little small but that is just my opinion. I'm presuming the work you do will not require you to need much hard drive space and you don't have too much data to store on it. Check out how much data is on your current computer and make sure that its not over 200GBish if you wanted to move it over. Otherwise, you could invest in an external hard drive to store data you don't use much (like pictures).

Also, if you have a relatively new mobile phone, have you tried something like the 'Samsung DeX Pad'? I've not used it yet so can't recommend it but I love the idea of a mobile phone becoming your work laptop with just a keyboard, screen and mouse.

From what you have said, the laptop you linked to will run everything easily.
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Thanks a lot for your help. Yeah it’s a laptop I need due to being a home, the office and if I’m away travelling. I do currently have more storage of the device I use but I think I’ve got a lot of free space on there. Can’t remember the exact GB but I don’t really use it. Heard an SSD is also much better to have. I suppose I can check that out and if in future I’ll look at an external hard drive should I need one.

Thanks a lot for your help. Appreciate it
I picked up a Dell 7370 with i7-8550 and other gubbins for £600 from the Dell Outlet.
The i5-8150 I think it is called would be about £500. Keep an eye out for discounts as it’s a very nice ????? book style.
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