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Posted 31st Dec 2020

I’m looking for a bit of advice from people who know a bit more than I do about laptops.

I’m looking to get my son a laptop for home schooling / homework. It will really only be used for this and some basic internet browsing. His homework / online learning is on Teams - not sure if that limits anything. Will be looking to get a Microsoft package with it too as he does sometimes need to produce PowerPoints for class presentations. I do want to get an actual laptop - his tablet has been used to date and doesn’t really do the job.

Could anyone advise on what my basic requirements are? For example - is 4gb RAM enough? If it’s only for these basic tasks, could I look at one with different storage than SSD?

There are so many options out there but I have limited funds so want to make sure I’m buying what I need rather than something all singing all dancing that I don’t.

Thanks in advance
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