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    I am currently looking for a small portable laptop to carry around university with me, with a screen size of 12", I am looking at the dell d420 on ebay for around £200, 2nd hand.

    Is this worth the money or is it best to wait for a deal?

    thank you all,

    - sabrina


    2nd hand often seem to have duff batteries. Not sure what you need it for but the net books offer good portability and battery life, I think Aldi are launching a small £330 11in screen netbook in a couple of weeks. I use laptops a lot and 'professionally'. When it comes to small and light make sure you get something with a strong chassis and good hinges, and often small means small battery. Just a couple of pointers that may help.

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    i am thinking of the nc20 from amazon in black, £330?
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