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    My daughter has around £300 in National Savings that she would like to use to purchase her own laptop.

    She's not a hardcore games player but does need a laptop with a spec that will comfortably play SIMS3.

    Because processors and other hardware has moved on since SIMS3 first came out and hardware compatibility was published, I could do with advice on what laptops might do the trick.

    I know £300 isn't a huge budget (and I might be able to add another £30 odd) but am looking at some of the deals you can get on sites such as the Argos Clearance shop on ebay(For example there's an MSI x610 at £322 and a Lenovo G series at £260).

    Any recommendations anyone can help us with will be much appreciated.



    For Sims 3 you'll need to extend your budget by at least £200+.

    Stupid game doesn't like working.

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    Have now got the opportunity to buy a second hand laptop from somone at work who is an IT geek and buys, rebuilds, upgrades and sells stuff all the time.

    It's an older model Compaq NC6000 Business Notebook but with an upgraded hard drive, 2 gb RAM and various extras thrown in (spare battery, case, docking station) and with Windows XP plus genuine XP key.

    He's checked the spec against the SIMS3 system requirement and is happy that this will meet the bill.

    He's asking £200 to include all the upgrades and extras. Its described as in immaculate condition with no scratches and no dead pixels.

    Is it worth going for this considering it's an older machine and has a small(er screen) compared with current laptops but bearing in mind that to get something new with the right spec is probably going to cost nearer £400 to £500?
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