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    My mum's looking for a new PC. She has convinced herself that she would rather have a laptop. She will do very little other than surf net and play online games. She gets reasonable speeds with Nildram/Opal.

    She is pretty much house bound, so portabilty is not so important, but a reasonable battery life would still be nice.

    Screen size is important, pretty much the larger the better. I haven't really discussed the possibility to watch movies on it, but I would have thought it would not really be of too much interest.

    The budget is £400-£500, but I think that's too much for what she needs. However I am not too sure what to look at.

    Any ideas would be most welcome.


    Has she considered a Wii console? Almost a quarter of the budget...



    If you dont really know what you're looking for my advice would be to look no further than, good build quality, value for money and good support should anything go wrong. We buy a lot of IT at work from them,

    £400 would be more ample for her needs, even if she wants to watch movies.

    If you want to take the pc world or similar route. I'd stick to brands such as Toshiba, Samsung and Sony (but you'll pay more), The cheaper brands like Acer etc might seem like a better deal but the build quality tends to be cheaper and will show after a year or so.

    Hope this is of some use.
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