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    Needing some advice.
    Basically i need a laptop as i am moving abroad soon and don't want to carry over my big lump of a PC.

    Main functions for it are,

    Internet Browsing
    DVD playback
    Work (Mostly word documents, but if it had office it would be bonus)
    Playing Football Manager (Was going to copy and paste system reuirements but cant at work )

    I really dont need a huge graphics card, or a top of the range laptop.

    Just need something to get me by and to run FM fine and possibly a few other older games (Rome: Total War etc) so a average graphics card would do.

    PS: The cheaper the better


    Original Poster

    Anyone find any good deals?

    Original Poster

    Hey everyone looking at the current lenovo deal, do you think this would be suitabler?
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