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    My friend is offering to sell me a laptop because he is getting a new IBM Thinkpad.

    It's a Dell Inspiron 500m - 1.4ghz, 30gb hd, 512mb ram, 14 inch screen (1024,768 resolution) CD/DVD rom, (no writer for CDs or DVDs), wireless, infrared,

    He also says he can put Linux onto it and will include some other software and stuff. There is a Dell laptop carry case for and the laptop is in good condition, no faults or major marks (some from general usage but it looks good). He also bought a new battery which lasts double than the standard one.

    I've had a look and I'm not sure how much I should pay. He has asked for £300.

    Just wondering how much it is worth / how much would you pay?


    You get get a brand new Dell Inspiron 1501 for £349 with double the hard drive and a CDRW. That's without looking on here for deals!

    that laptop is worth maybe £150-£200 max

    anymore and u will be a dummy

    u dont wanna be a dummy do u?

    Way too much. There is one on ebay now for £215 or best offer and that has a 60gb hard drive.

    He's either taking the Michael or doesn't realise how quickly laptops depreciate.

    Personally I wouldn't pay more than £150.

    I would say its worth £150-£200 max depending on condition.

    remember that old laptops have nackered batteries, so try and get some information regarding the battery life from the seller. tbh I think you'd be better off going for the £350 dell laptop :-)

    nah don't buy it. I wouldn't have a laptop over a desktop because it's so much more difficult to upgrade them. If you're after a cheap, fast laptop, just use a deal someone has posted on here , that's your best bet.

    personally I wouldn't buy it cos it's spec is not very good...if you have a £300 budget at present just wait until you have another £50-£100 and put a request for help on here.

    See the post from Aimee1985, £300 for a brand new laptop


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