Laptop Advice and Deals wanted

    I'm new to the forum, but have been using the site for quite a while and people really seem to know what they are talking about.

    Anyway, I'm in need of a laptop as I'm travelling soon and would like to take one with me, but in past experiences in buying laptops based on price, they haven't been that good.

    So if I put down what I want, can people please advise me on what specs I should be looking for and maybe some deal links?

    Ok here we go:

    Obviously, I don't want the laptop to be to heavy or big. I'll be putting my music collection onto along with photos and videos and don't want to have trouble playing, viewing them and I'll probably going with Vista as it is the usual OS now it seems, but I'm open to XP.

    All in all, I know I need I decent hard drive, but don't know much else. I just know I don't want the computer to go slow after I've put these things on the system. I used about 4gb out of 80gb on a Gateway I purchased from TRU and the system couldn't handle it.

    Budget is around £500. So if anyone could help me I will be very grateful.


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