Laptop advice needed

    Can anyone out there help me?
    I have a Sanyo Xacti cg65 camera that records video in MPEG4 AVC/H.264. I am thinking of buying a laptop (with windows vista) and need to know what spec I need to play these files smoothly.

    Is a dedicated graphics card needed? If so, which ones? If not, is it the chip or the RAM that is important? Or do I need a decent set of everything!

    Some advice would be really welcome.
    Thankyou in advance!!


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    Is there anyone out there who can advise me?

    I know if I ask in a shop they will probably try and sell me the most expensive laptop they can! I need to know what I actually need.


    i will speak to my other half when hes home from work, this is his field. And i will Pm you then okies:)

    In my opinion, a fast processor is the most important thing when recording something. A graphics card isn't that important and most integrated boards these days are up to the job, but any dedicated board is a bonus as an integrated graphics card uses more ram to complete the job.

    RAM is always a bonus, but is only really important for multi-tasking with many programs open at once.

    These days, i'd go for something that has a dual processor with about 1-1.5gb of ram (or add more yourself).

    These days I wouldn't say the graphics card is too important, although dedicated graphics cards can offer some decode support integrated graphics cards are quite reasonable now. At worst, a basic dedicated graphics card such as a 6200/7300 would be fine as it contains dedicated hardware decode, advanced 3D capabilities are not going to be used.

    As you are choosing Vista, I would go for 2GB without hesitation - while Vista will run on 1GB, I find it's noticeably better with 2GB. I think you'd be fine with playback at 2GB, I've been doing HDV capture and editing on a 2GB Vista machine without any ram issues.

    Processor choice is a little more tricky as I'm not familiar with that camcorder so I don't know how much cpu power it uses. I have a Canon HV10, the XPS 2 (Pentium-m 2Ghz, XP) had no trouble playing the raw captured HD files nor the WMV-HD versions. The XPS M1710 with a Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz has no issues either, I've just tried running a 720p WMV-HD clip on a Vaio UX (Vista business, Core Solo 1.33Ghz ULV, 1GB) could play it fine. Basically I think if you had anything along the lines of a Core Duo/Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz+ you'd have no issues at all.

    If there's any way you could transfer a short file to me (using something like ]http//ww…com) I could try it out on a couple of configurations to see what cpu is needed.


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    Thankyou all for your replies!

    I have a link here to a review of my camera that includes some sample videos.…=27

    This forum has discussed lots of issues including the fact that the H.264 codec needs quite a powerful computer. I haven't seen any specific references that answer my question.

    Thanks again!

    I've tried downloading a couple of the clips (many seem to be dead), they're a little tricky to judge performance as they're short with little motion. The first clip I tried showed the camera being zoomed into some cars and the second a close up of some sort of stuffed toy.

    I first tried it on a Pentium 1.7ghz with 1GB ram and Win2k, there looked to be two slight skips on the zoom sample but they occurred in the same place each time so I think they were part of the clip. It looked smooth on the stuffed toy sample.

    On the Core Solo 1.33Ghz, 1GB and Vista Business it was noticeably skipping - I'd say this setup is just below the requirements for playing this type of file.

    I should have a Core Duo 1.8Ghz machine with 1GB ram and Vista Enterprise but I can't quite lay my hands on it at the moment, will have a look for it properly tomorrow. I reckon it will play the clips back fine, although it's only 100Mhz faster than the P-m, it has a faster FSB and also benefits from having the additional core even for single threaded tasks.


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    Thankyou so much, John, for taking the time to try the clips out.

    It sounds as though an up-to-date laptop would certainly do the trick. I have been browsing ones with core 2 duo chips and Turion 64x 2. If I buy one with a decent chip is the speed of it important? Do your laptops have graphics cards? Or do you still think a dedicated card is unimportant? Obviously, a dedicated graphics card adds a lot to the price.

    Thanks again!

    I don't think you need anything amazingly fast so even the lower clocked ones would be fine, around 1.8Ghz should be good. I'm having a busy day so I've not been able to dig up the Core Duo 1.8Ghz, if I could see the clips running on that smoothly then I'd feel more comfortable recommending that configuration.

    The laptops I've tested it on have no dedicated graphics card, the P-m 1.7Ghz is using an Intel GMA 915 and the Core Solo 1.33Ghz an Intel GMA 950. I honestly don't think you're going to need a dedicated graphics card for playing back files of this type although if you're working with high resolution HD footage (1080p) you may need some decode assist from the graphics card.

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