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Hi, where as I'm a little savvy when it comes to desktop PCs I know next to nothing out laptops, netbooks, tablets and excessively complicated phones.

That said, I'm off to the States with my wife later this year for a few months and we thought it might be worth getting a laptop with wifi capability so we can book hotel rooms in advance whilst on the road etc. (and so I can check deals daily...)

We're looking for something which isn't a huge expense (£500 at most) and will serve as a second computer when we return - which is why we decided on a laptop over a netbook. For it's post vacation life the most that's going to be expected of it is photoshop I'd imagine, then just the usual browsing, word processing etc.

Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations (or words of warning!) on laptops. Ideally we want something well made and from a reputable firm, as I've been stung with small companies going bust half way thru PC warranties before.

Finally are all laptops these days set up for wifi or will dongles be needed? And does anyone know if there'd any complications with using something brought here in the States.




No specific laptop, but sounds like a known name such as Dell would be best for you. Dongles are not generally needed for wifi these days. My laptop is as happy in the USA as it is here. No issues other than the plug so that it can be charged!


get an asus comes with 2 year worldwide warranty or 1 year for netbooks

n series

maybe worth buying there dependent on exchange rate...currently here weve been getting better than 1:1.....importing here to australia is a huge saving especially with the mark up due to the economy doing well

check amzaon, best buy in usa for comparison and check the exchnge rates
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I'd avoid getting a Dell as you'll be wanting reliability not a 1 in 4 … I'd avoid getting a Dell as you'll be wanting reliability not a 1 in 4 chance of it going wrong

Dude, you read a survey from a small sample group once, and then you groomed some children, and you've gone on about the survey ever since. Dell systems are good quality and reliable, and with the benefit of the Next Business Day warranty, if things do go wrong (and they do in all laptops), it will be resolved the following day. Dell are a fine choice here, particularly as their warranties are internationally transferable, which means a system bought here can be serviced in the States, vice versa, and ad infinitum.


My point about reliability proven X)

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Thanks for all the comments so far guys, my sister has a dell desktop and it's been very reliable, so would be tempted to go with them....

however having seen this…203 today I was wondering about it instead...

Any thoughts?


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my bad hadn't seen the post above linking it!
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