Laptop advice needed please - cheap, fast (to boot), no thrills

Found 19th Sep 2017
Hi, I want to purchase a new laptop as this one is just unbearably slow now.
I'm looking for something around £200 - £300 and I don't expect a high-end one at that price, obvs. I just want something that comes with Windows, boots up very quick, and doesn't lag once I've surfed the net (do people still use that term?) a couple of times. It doesn't have to do anything fancy, no amazing sound, no outstanding capability to view HD vids or play games, just literally for checking email, writing Word docs, and internet usage. Open to refurbished suggestions too, from a worthy source of course.

I've been holding out for something with an SSD drive just because I know how quick these fire up, but now I'm thinking if there is an equivalent which might suit my budget better since I really only wanted one for it to boot up quickly.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.
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your search has ended, thinkpad x220, Get refurb I5 8gb ram, then slap a ssd in can be head for 160-200£ with 8gb ram and ssd if you grab at good time, will last you a long time and it is zippy and solid, and not that chunky then you'd think it came out in 2012, great machines
or if you literally need it for browsing... all that can be done on chromebook
Which version of windows are you using currently? Windows 8 and 10 has a faster startup time to begin with than other versions so although only an SSD will in hardware terms you will see a benefit if you're upgrading from Vista or Seven.
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