Laptop advice please (follow up to tv/dvd combi q yesterday..!)

    Hi folks, sorry to be a pest, but I'm having to seek help with getting stuff ready for my husband to get going with this new business while looking after 2 imps under 2! Bit like trying to see through mud at the mo...he's working all hours (for someone else) so it's a bit catch 22 - he can't leave til he gets his stuff together, etc.

    Anyway! I asked yesterday about tv/dvd combis - he'd also need a projector, so we figured rather than go for a projector and tv/dvd combi separately, a laptop might look more professional and be less to hump about. Also, he can keep in touch with other companies by email to follow up any new business to keep us in baked beans, lol!

    We've only just got a dvd ourselves so I haven't a clue what spec to be looking at. Basically, he needs to show dvds, do slideshow, check emails, he'll need Word and maybe to print stuff off, although if it's a much more expensive option with a laptop, we probably won't bother with the printer as we have the (cheap and cheerful!) home pc and printer, and we're on a very tight budget.

    We're not looking for anything posh, just reliable and cheap - having it breakdown mid fork lift truck course would probably not create a good impression!

    Sorry if I sound completely thick - I've looked at laptops on the net and the birds start tweeting in my head (lack of sleep, newborn-itis!!) but I just can't take the technical stuff in at present. :oops:

    Thanks in advance for your patience and any help you might be able to offer!



    As long as he's not needing to do lots of highly detailed graphics work (or play the latest PC games!) then a basic one like this (from PC World) would probably be okay…751

    You might want to add some additional memory as 256mb is a bit small. I'd be tempted to have a look round PC World and let him make the decision (that way he can't blame you if its not what he wants). If you are going to buy instore at PC World check if the online price is cheaper (if it is then buy online and collect at the store).

    If you are thinking of buying online then Dell [url][/url] are worth a try.

    If its mainly for presentations out in the field has he thought about what he's going to project onto? A empty light coloured wall is fine but you might also want to think about one of these. You can probably get it cheaper than this but it shows you the idea…ree

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    Thanks loads for the reply, I appreciate you taking the time to get back :thumbsup:

    Thanks for the link on the projector - it looks very impressive! Unfortunately, that'd be out of our budget at the mo. :-(

    The projector he had in mind was more the old style sort with laminates, his friend has one he said he'd sell him, but I figured he could use the laptop to do the slideshows, with him only being able to instruct 3 at a time maximum (rules and regs apparently), it wouldn't be too bad for them all to see, esp if he's giving out handouts anyway (not sure if he is, I'll have ot check on it!).

    I'd seen a laptop at £399 on a TV ad for PC World last night, is this about reasonable or do you think they go even cheaper?…217

    I had wondered about a refurb, but worried about reliability..I guess at PC World you have peace of mind in case anything goes wrong (sort of - I've also heard PC World used to be a bit pants with their customer service, might be a thing of the past though?!)

    It's such a minefield, ta again for getting back to me on it!


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    Sorry just checked your PC World link you gave me and answered my own question there about cheaper models....can you tell I'm rushing while the little uns are asleep?!!! :oops: advice is to await the new Dell deals that will be posted on HUKD was a terrible week last week for Dell lappy deals so lets hope tomorrow brings some joy..have you a max budget in mind?


    Sorry just checked your PC World link you gave me and answered my own … Sorry just checked your PC World link you gave me and answered my own question there about cheaper models....can you tell I'm rushing while the little uns are asleep?!!! :oops:

    That one at PC world is VERY basic and with only 256 mb of ram it will struggle...but if £300 is your max budget you have very limited choice.

    Hi lucyeff, take a look at the refurbished laptops from pc worold - they are great quality and some are extremely good deals


    If you are going for an overhead projector with laminates you have printed out at home then you don't necessarily need a seperate laptop. You can just use your home PC and printer. I'm presuming you have an inkjet printer. If you use this for the laminates - buy the special inkjet laminates (Staples etc all do them). If you use normal ones the ink will run and even if left flat overnight will still not be fully dry. The inkjet ones have a "rough" surface so it drys quicker and doesn't run.

    You can get portable overhead projectors that fold neatly into a case. However these start around £200 new - a bit expensive for a light bulb and a lens!! Your best bet for the projector is to pick one up second hand from Ebay. There are plenty on there including some portable ones......

    edit - just re-read your reply so it sounds like you have a projector sorted if you go down that route.

    Good luck!!
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