Laptop advice required again max budget £450

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Found 4th Sep 2007
Hi everyone

Have a max budget of £450 on a new laptop. Got some fine advice on here previously and ended up spending £330 on a inspirion 1300 which to be honest was fantastic for the first year. Rather incidentally after the 1y warranty ran out the internal battery connection broke and the laptop wouldnt charge, the replacement charge was £100 so i have decided to go for a new model again.

Will be used online use mainly and games e.t.c arent really an issue, the inspirion 1300 did the job performance wise but obviously the fact it essentially broke after a year wasnt that pleasing.

Have been into currys today they have offered me these within my budget

£449.98 advent 8117 ,

£439.98 fujitisu siemens li 1718

to be honest the specs dont mean a lot to me, but the makes hardly inspire confidence within me.

If anybody has any reccommendations within the £450 budget it would be appreciated

many thanks

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Think you might of been a bit unlucky with the Dell 1300 - I have one and its perfectly ok - been knocked about all over and quite robust.

Anyway if that experience hasn't put you off - there's a cracking deal on the Dell 6400 - for less than £412 before Quidco (5%)

try [url]www.morgan-auctions.co.uk[/url], they have some up on their site a few times a week , they might have a little scratch on the casing, but for under £150 you cant fault that
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