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Found 26th Jan 2007
Hi Does anyone know anywhere online who sells "quality" aluminium laptop carry cases?

I need one to house my new Dell XPS 1710 notebook which has a 17" screen.

I've had a quick look online and can only find cheap £20 versions of these, but i'm just at work atm so I will be more looking later.

Just thought i would ask you guys just incase i miss anything.


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Thanks Schizoboy

The £72 Dicota from laptopshop is the best i've seen atm

I too have a XPS M1710 by the way and use a Tech21 case.

I considered hard metal cases but decided too expensive for little space.

So i got a tech21 from here:
Video available here:

A bit fiddly but loads of space and great for flying with (when silly restrictions arn't in place) but I don't travel with it often, 2-4times a month.
Acts as 2nd desktop system when not away.

Samsonite do larger hard cases, £150+ however

That Tech21 bag looks OK, is your 17" well protected? Price of about £35 seemed ok as well. I had a Dell case for my 15" and it was so well built. Has lasted 4 years and never a problem until the 17" came along now there is no room to house the power pack without resting it on the case, ouch. Maybe I need to change the direction of the laptop and go for something like a backpack, which I don't like.

it suspends the laptop in a holdster as you can see but is padded on the sides, the dell ones are very well padded, more so than this tech21, but i got the tech21 more for mobility than super protection
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