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Found 1st Jan
Hi guys! So I want to buy a laptop and a camera to start my own YouTube channel, do you have any recommendations?? Preferably would like to spend £450-£500 max. Thank you guys

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You should be able t manage something for that budget. A used Canon EOS550d DSLR is a good choice as it will do HD video and (more importantly) allow you to connect an external mic. Mics in cameras are usually awful. A cheap 'shotgun' mic from ebay is less than £20 and will be miles better. You will need a tripod, and probably a light. A 160 LED battery powered light is again, less than £20. If you're not going to do much video editing, a free video editing package will be fine, as will a basic i3 laptop. If you're going to do much video manipulation you will need a MUCH more powerful machine, but for a youtube channel you probably won't want/need to do much. A really big advantage for controlling the camera is getting Magic Lantern installed. Loads of youtube vids about it. It's modified firmware which runs from the camera card and give much more control, including, and this is very important, being able to disable the Auto Gain Control and set levels. This enables production of decent sound. Only available for Canon. All of this, used with a little care, will allow you to produce something pretty good. Good luck.
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