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Found 7th Nov 2017
recently been given an Asus laptop. not sure how old it is, but it is windows 7. am I wasting my time trying to use the I player and itv hub etc, I can access them through chrome but the image jumps and hovers, thanks for any help.
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You tried internet explorer or Firefox?
You on a decent broadband connection as well as these stream the content so will need to be at least 2mb if I recall
It would have to be old and low end not to be able to run iPlayer/ITV Hub even in the lowest quality. By the release of Windows 7 almost everything could manage it, but it's possibly it's an older budget machine that was upgraded.

Without knowing anything more about it it's impossible to say, but on most Asus Laptops with Windows 7 I'd expect this to just be a software issue rather than the laptop being incapable.
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Have you tried to reduce the quality of the stream to see if that helps
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