Laptop app to show how long applications have been running per day

Posted 3rd Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 49 m ago)
Hi all,
I was wondering if someone could offer me some computer advice.

So basically, I have 4 children that all seem to be enjoying War Thunder on their laptops.
I don't mind this, but I would like to monitor how log they have been playing for per day.
I say to them they are allowed an hour per day on weekdays, and 2 hours gaming per day on Saturdays and Sundays.
However, I have an inkling that they are playing for longer.

They play using a direct game application, so it is not through Steam etc. They also play on their laptops and not on gaming console.

Is there an app that can be downloaded that measures how long each application has been open for per day?

Many Thanks
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    I use this - it even works for the Xbox!

    Hi ,
    x wants more screen time on Xbox One today.
    How much extra time would you like to give them?
    15 minutes
    30 minutes
    1 hour
    2 hours
    8 hours
    Custom time
    I don’t want to give more time today
    x asked on January 3 at 12:58 AM. The screen time you allow can be used on any Xbox One console they use. We sent this request to all adults in the family. If nobody responds, the current screen time schedule stays in effect.

    It was intended to encourage them to go to bed early, but as you can see from the time stamp above that still doesn't happen!
    The statistics it displays it quite disturbing as well!
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    Thanks all. This feel like it
    I shall give this a go when they get home from school.
    I don't want to be mean, but at the same time I feel like I should be monitoring things, so if it starts to increase at least I know.

    My only question is, is this parental control for just any screentime, or for particular applications?
    They do use their laptops for homework also, which is part of the problem, as I think they might say they are doing their homework, but instead start up a game. Then if they hear me coming up the stairs, they can then switch windows back to their homework.
    It’s not mean, it’s helping them. I’ve had my kids on screen time on their apple devices for years, they’ve not complained for a long time, and rarely send the request through to me for extra time now. My daughter has ended up getting back into reading manga novels and painting, two activities she really enjoys and which are more relaxing for her. My son has joined me in my hobby of woodworking and has learned some great new skills he will have for life. We do the occasional day when we all game for hours on end, because all of us enjoy gaming. The one thing I’d recommend and I’m sure from your post you are already there is to lead by example - if I’m asking the kids to keep to an hour of screen time, I’m making sure I do the same myself.

    Should add - last summer I deleted the screen time settings for my daughter as I know she does homework on her iPad and laptop, I still get the weekly reports through to my phone and in setting this precedent for a few years, she’s kept fairly precisely to the times we originally set, that little bit of guidance seems to have set her up well to not always be on her devices (edited)
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