Laptop Bag for a 14" laptop

    I need something pretty small for my work laptop. My current bag is too big to fit in the pannier on my bike. It's a standard laptop bag for a 15.4" laptop. The laptop is only a 14"er.

    I just want a bag that has room for the laptop + psu + slim 2.5" external drive. I've seen some for £15 or so. Can anyone beat that?


    i have one you can have for nothing but i really couldn't be a***sed positng it as i 'm up to my neck in stuff to do, if you know any one in cumbria who can pick it up on an evening,

    'Crumpler' make some great small laptop bags. They can be a bit pricey but if you hunt around on Ebay you can sometimes get a bargain. I picked one up recently on there for my 12.1" laptop and it's a spot on fit. Worth a look.


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    Thanks for the advice folks.
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