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Found 11th Feb 2011
First post so (apart from replying to a few!!) hopefully it goes in the right place...
Can anyone reccomend any reasonably priced laptop bag?? I need to get 2 bags for next weekend so my 2 (just) teenage daughters can take their laptops with them when they go and stay at the in-laws for the half term. They are 15.6" laptops (Lenovo G550's)....
Thanks in advance for any help...
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neoprene slip cases in poundland and the 99p store were on here the other day... might be worth a check out if you go past one, i personally am a big fan of neoprene slip cases but if not id jsut look for a shoulder bag online even from ebay probably, you can tell quite a bit from a pic
They had some nice laptop bags in TKMaxx last week - both slips and larger bags with handles.
Orange accessories have a couple for £8 each:

Urban Courier
Tech Air

I ordered a Crumpler Laptop bag for £8 for work when they had them in stock. Delivery was next day and it was a great bag. these look pretty nice aswell and look at least semi stylish!
I got he belkin business lite case for 15.6 inch laptops,just over £8 inc delivery off amazon,great case.…htm?_$ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:5085154|cat:office%2C+pcs+and+phones+%2F+pc+and+laptop+accessories+%2F+laptop+bags%2C+cases+and+skins+%2F

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Half Price @ £12.49

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