Laptop battery - is it a consumable item?

Found 21st May 2013
Could I ask people to give me their view on this:
Can a laptop battery be regarded as a consumable item?

Can I please get your justification either way?
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Speak to IT, I'm sure they consume many a laptop battery.

P.S. Will that be with chips or fries sir.....
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Laptop Batteries would be considered a "consumable" as they are expected to degrade over time. With each charge,(even of Li-ion) the total capacity is reduced.
Yep. Not long had a fight with Dell over this as the battery in my Alienware's gone kaput. Dell consider batteries to be consumable parts and are therefore only covered for 12 months. On a side note, the cheeky gits then tried flogging me a replacement for twice the price of everywhere else that has the battery in stock online, even though forums are full of people whinging about the life of the battery on my model of laptop.
Thanks for feedback thus far; thought there would be more.
Yes, def. a consumable, they are perpetually degrading | have a finite life.
Most manufacturers do consider laptop batteries a consumable, however it is nonsense and their explanations of their policies, in particular explanations of batteries having finite life, are equally nonsensical.
1) All parts, mechanical or electrical, have finite lives. This is the nature of engineering and practical design. The laptop that is powered by SAID BATTERY has a finite life. Is the laptop a consumable? No. Next they will tell you that the RAM and the screen are consumable too because everytime these parts are used, they become degraded.
2) The battery is REQUIRED to power the laptop. It is DESIGNED for the laptop. In essence, it is NEEDED for the laptop to function as it was INTENDED. How can you make most of the laptop have a warranty of, say, 3 years and 1 part, the battery, have a warranty of 1 year.
3) People who mindlessly parrot the illogical rhetoric of big manufacturer's are simpletons. These companies make enough money without certain consumer fanboys standing up for said companies and justifying their a) poor engineering or b) their great engineering which involves designed redundancy.
Sure that this bit of info would have helped the OP (since banned) nearly 2 years ago......

Much like brake discs/pads, exhausts etc on a car which are REQUIRED and NEEDED, batteries are consumable items.
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