Laptop Bios Updates?

    Anybody know if it is possible to extract the bios from a laptop to use on another of the exact same laptop?

    I've got two of the same laptops and one has a newer bios which enables better cpu support, the company who make the laptops (RM) will not provide me with an updated bios file as the laptops aren't in warranty and they do not provide the files on their support website.

    The motherboard is made by ASUS so I could perhaps try and get a bios file from them but i'm not sure if this would cause problems.

    If this is possible what software is the best?



    if the MoBo is ASUS get it from ASUS - it's their product after all!

    On my eeepc there was (before I dl'd W7) a eeebios update, which downloaded the Bios file to the hard drive before flash, so it could be possible.

    I would imagine if you find out what motherboard your Laptop has then you could update the bio's via the ASUS website.

    Useful tool for finding spec: SysSpec

    most bios programming utils have the ability to backup the existing bios prior to flashing so just transfer that via usb

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    Thanks guys will have another look at it then.

    Asus do have a bios download on their website but doesn't give the full bios version just version 2 and nothing else. Would I be able to run this through some software to view any more details?

    Haven't attempted a bios flash before so I need a good tutorial to follow. Anybody got any tips for the process?

    would go the route of taking bios image off working machine rather than generic asus one, just in case the oem customised it.
    see if u can get away with using the asus flash util, if they have a windows based one, this would save the effort of boot disks etc (though i would run it in safe mode if poss.)
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