Laptop - Budget - £400 or Under

    I'm looking for a laptop under £400. Obviously want the best for my money. Will just be using it for the internet. Any suggestions/advice gratefully received.

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    If it is just for the internet, consider a netbook, they are just a little smaller but perfect for browsing the web and carrying everywhere. (Don't come with a DVD drive due to size, but how often do you use the DVD drive really?)

    Go for any samsung or eeePC if you get one.

    Amazon marketplace is a good place to find cheap netbooks or notebooks(you really don't need what is known as a real laptop just for the internet)

    Don't go to PC world, and don't pay over £300 unless you want to be able to play the latest games or do complicated design work such as autocad/fancy photoshop/maya etc)

    if you post over on the forums at following the little template in the sticky at the top answer their questions about what you need it for, how big, etc. Give them a few days and they will suggest you the best ones. It is American based but you can then just search the model name on UK sites
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