Laptop - Budget - £500

    I am looking for a new Laptop and have a budget of around £500.

    I have seen these, but not sure if they are any good or if anyone has any other recommendations.…369…win


    Forget the Acer Aspire, based on my own experience they always develop a fault within the first 1-2 years. Their screens are also really flimsy.

    The Samsung is better but it has sold out by the looks of it.

    I can only vouch for Dell, I have had my Inspiron 1525 for nearly 2.5 years and it is still going strong. Dell offer better models now, just be sure that whatever you purchase; you get a decent warranty cover. If your going to spend THAT much money on a new laptop, get at least 2 years cover for hardware faults.

    Dell are pretty good at haggling over the phone too. I got £50 off mine by saying that I had to stick to my budget of £425. First they said no, then I said I would think about it, then they called me back with a better offer!

    Good luck.
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    Insipiron Duo is a brilliant concept if that's what you're after but the specs aren't that good.

    there are some amazing laptops on HP now, in the sale too

    Try Dell outlet, last week bagged a £700 inspiron laptop for £332 approx.Less than half price
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    Thanks for the replys guys. Do any of you have good links to any of the deals?
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