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    Is this a decent laptop for the money? Obviously I will be leaving room to haggle/get some free stuff from them, but I was just wondering how good this laptop was to others in the price area, and in general (especially as I can't find it anywhere else bar Pixmania).

    Are there any others I should look at? I will consider waiting for upcoming laptops or possible sales...

    This is a fair thwack of money (for me) so it's definitely a considered purchase. I wouldn't like to spend much more than this, unless it was clearly worth it.


    Your right £750 is a good chunk of money and nobody seems to be interested in giving you any help so here goes nothing.. To be honest this deal doesn't sound that great when you consider that the faster sandybridge processors are already starting to ship and will be filling most new laptops come april/may, so in this case all that you're paying for is mostly the headlining graphics card and ram and the ram can always be upgraded later. Also I keep hearing scary things about the quality and support of hp laptops which makes me shy away from them (although I must confess I love the look of them too). I would suggest you hold your horses if you can and check out the dell web site at the end of jan and through feb as thats when their fiscal year ends so there are usually deals to be had, also their support is much better. Keep a close eye on hukd too.

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    Cheers for the reply.

    I can wait; if possible though I'm trying to avoid Dell - previous bad experiences as well as hesitating on the £496 Dell XPS for over an hour and missing out.oO

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    Unashamed bump.
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