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Arrgghhh! I'm having a 'mare trying to find the right laptop, at the right price and wanted to hopefully recruit some of you bargain hunters to help me...

I had ordered a Dell XPS1330 (13.3", T7500, 2GB, 160GB, Nvidia 8400M) for about £700ish but the delivery time has just been extended to almost 3 weeks away and I need something pronto, so want to cancel and get something else.

I need something compact and fairly portable but powerful, i.e. no 17"+ monsters but Core2Duo 2Ghz+, 2GB mem and atleast a dedicated 128Mb graphics are a must. My budget is around £800 but is a little flexible, and I have to be able to get it this week!

So far I have come up with:

Sony VAIO FZ21S from Play.com for £799.99 (£764 after quidco) which has all the specs of the Dell plus a better gfx card (great) and blu-ray drive (not bothered) but is bigger and heavier, which is putting me off.

HP DV2699 special edition from Staples instore at £799.99 which is a nice size (14") and says it has a 8400M gfx card but am confused because the spec descriptions online generally say 64Mb dedicated memory - are there more than 1 type of Nvidia 8400M cards? I'm also concerned that the max memory only goes up to 2Gb

Can anyone comment on these selections? Are there any discounts that can be applied? They are both more expensive than the Dell but I don't seem to be getting much extra (apart from the sony, but I am giving up some compactedness)

Any other recommendations?

Thanks very much!!!


I was looking at this before i got my Dell.
After ringing Acer for a bit of advice i decided against it because their customer service was rubbish, personal choice though.


The 64mb is a minimum memory for the 8400m, it will probably be 128mb.
Get the 8600m (256mb) if you can though.

Toshiba were doing some good warranties on their laptops, not sure if they're still on offer.
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