Laptop case / bag

    looking for a cheap or a bargain laptop case / bag for my new laptop. thanks


    What's the laptop screen size deadhac?

    be careful what bag do you buy. if it's low quality you may have problems... and your laptop may meet the concrete... I wouldn't trust any bag with my laptop

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    its a 15 inch widescreen if that helps. i was looking at belkin bags but dont know where the best offers are to be also looking for a tv card usb thingy for my laptop also thanks

    [COLOR=Red]DEADHAC:[/COLOR] It would be nice if you appeared to have done at least some sort of search before posting a message. You sound as though you want us to do all the hard work and search around for you.

    I recommend that everyone who is asking for help on a deal to at least quote 2 prices that they have found from online shops as well as the links. That way, we know:

    1) You are putting effort into it as well and not just depending on us to do the hard work
    2) We have an amount to compare to when we find a deal for that product.
    3) One of us might know how to get the price lower at one of the shops you found (i.e. through vouchers, quidco, etc etc)

    Original Poster we go then...

    was looking at Belkin Carry Case Nylon Black for Notebook itemcode: 10249534 from savasore priced at 8.81 as a cheap bag. i recognise the brand name as a good one. but it seems like a big bag for a laptop. all i need is space for the laptop and a power adaptor. i was also looking at NE-TL2 Top Loader XL Notebook Case from belkin which is 10.99. seems resonable and not bulky. i will probably want to put the laptop in a case and then the case into a backpack for ease. i was wondering which bags people have? i hope you can understand that i do not have a range of experience in buying laptop bags as i an only receiving my laptop tomorrow. hence there are no products which i am interested in or know about.

    As for the tv card / adaptor which i am also looking for. i was looking at an Artec TV tuner which is around £20. or there is a freecom model which is around £30. i dont know the difference in quality so i cannot comment on which i prefer, i also notice that ebuyer have a generic model for less, but am wary of its quality. there is obviously a wide range of prices and loads of models. it would be good if someone who as a laptop and is using one could comment. i have no idea what models are good or what to pay etc.

    im not asking you do do all the work for me, but if anyone has a tv card of carry case which they think is good value then please let me know where i can get it and what it is. if you dont think you can help me you dont have to post!

    thank you
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