laptop case falling apart but dont want to buy new one

Found 17th AprEdited by:"kevlfc"
hi my laptop case is falling apart its still a good laptop so i dont want a new one at the moment the right had corner is poping open on the bottom keyboard part when i turn the laptop screen back and i need something to clamp it down has has one any tips what to use or anything i can buy to keep it down


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No need for thanks.
Looks like some screws are missing. Are you sure they are all there?
Depending on what's broken it shouldn't be too difficult. If it's stripped self tapping screw holes you fill them with expoxy resin and retap. Really depends on how it's broken and how it happened. Holding the laptop in one hand whilst it's on isn't a good move though as it stresses the laptop and 99% of the time this is the reason for failure.
Avon7771 h, 27 m ago

No need for thanks.

33654022-5Jnyl.jpgClearly! None received so far
It's probably the hinge screws that have stripped from the case. That's a stress point on most laptops. I bought a new case off Aliexpress for about £25 and switched it over.
New case or make sure screws are all tight all else fails superglue it
thanks the scew is there but it not holding the plastic down
tryed unsrewing the screw it wont come out but its stuck in
kevlfc10 m ago

tryed unsrewing the screw it wont come out but its stuck in

The thing it screws into would have come away from the plastic. You could use super glue but since it gets hot and it's a stress point it probably wouldn't last long.
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