Laptop challenge - Turion widescreen or equivalent, ~£800

Found 1st May 2006
OK, here's a challenge. I'm looking into getting a new laptop, but I'm going to be quite fussy. No Celerons, P4-M or desktop Pentiums (530 etc) - I want a 64-bit machine (so Turion, Athlon 64) although I will consider an otherwise acceptable Centrino P4 or Core Duo.

The laptop must be able to play 3D games, so ideally will have an ATI X700 or equivalent (6600GT), or higher. No worse than a 7300GS, which will only just work for what I'm after (so not Intel GMA900, 950, ATI 200M).

The laptop must have a greater than XGA (1024x768) resolution. The higher the better, WXGA (1280x800) is OK.

HDD and RAM can be upgraded, so I'm not too worried about those.

I've already found the Amilo A3667 at Dabs.com, but there is no information about this model anywhere on the internet, only hints that it is a discontinued model replaced by the A3667G because it "had problems."

I can stretch to £1000 if necessary, but ideally I'm aiming for the £800 mark.

Any ideas?
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Micro Anvika [don't know how good they are] have the A3667G at £770

Nice find, thank you. Better price than the one at Dabs, too. It's going on my list.
this one might be a bit over your price specification, but it's VERY nice: £1,076.28

sony vaio at scan.co.uk

[size=2]Technical specification summary
Microprocessor Full NameIntel® Core™ Duo Processor T2300, Supports Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology
Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Diagonal Size (in)13.3Display TypeX-black LCDResolution Format1280 x 800
Memory Size (MB)512.0
Hard Drive Capacity (GB)80Optical Drive TypeDouble layer DVD±RW drive
NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7400 with TurboCache™ supporting 128MB[/size]
let me know if you are interested with the sony vaio a617b (850 pound), a617m (940). Centrino 1.7&1.8ghz, 1gb 533mhz ram, dual dvd writer, x600 256mb, 80&100gb hd, 17" x-black widescreen

this one might be a bit over your price specification

Not bad, though I think you're paying a premium for the Vaio brand.

I've been having another look about and a rethink, and I found a Turion-based barebones notebook at eBuyer (£409). Add in 1GB OCZ RAM (£80), 80GB HDD (£60, though I already have one), and Sempron 3400+ mobile (2.0GHz, 25W, 64 bit) from Savastore (£90).


So, a 2GHz AMD 64 bit laptop with ATI X700, 1GB RAM, DVD burner and 80GB HDD for about £650. Nice.

(Less because I already have a 2.5" HDD I've been using as external storage :))

Specs for barebone: msicomputer.com/NB/…029
That's a nice laptop for the price. 1.66GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM, 256MB Nvidia 7600, 80GB HDD.

ACER ASPIRE 5622WLMI £749.99
There's a nice one at Savastore. Integrated graphics, though, but otherwise a nice machine:

Aspire 5612WLMI Duo T2300 1GB 80GB DVDRW 15.4" XPH

Scary price, though: £666.61
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