Laptop charger help please

    My toshiba charger has just died so I am looking for a replacement.

    The charger that it came with uses 120W, 6.3A and 19V. However, when looking for a replacement, every is saying that the laptop is compatible with another charger which uses 75-90W, 3.42A and 19V.

    I dont know which one to buy as the one I have used has charged fine, but what they say is compatible is different.

    The model number is toshiba satellite A200-27E.

    I just dont know which to get as I dont want to get a charger that is weaker and therefore not as good because the more powerful one has been working, but at the same time, I dont want to get one that might blow the laptop.

    Can anyone help?



    Go to Maplin they have a 120W Universal which will do the job, I had the same problem with a Toshiba charger exactly the same ratin as yours and got one from Maplins for £29.99 on offer at the time.…947 This one should be Perfect as the lappy will draw exactly what it needs, just like the power supply on a desktop PC, all you have to do is set the Voltage to 19V.

    Plus free delivery!

    Original Poster

    Thanks, although that says 6.25A is the lowest, whereas the laptop says it only needs 4, will that not affect the laptop?

    If the charger that your laptop came with is rated at 120W 19V 6.3A then that should be fine.

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    Thanks for your help
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