Laptop chargers - is this genuine?

    Hi all
    Need to buy a new charger for my laptop and found this one on amazon…OZW
    It says Original HP product 463958-001 & the picture looks like the one I have here. I'm a bit sceptical knowing that they are about £40 direct from HP.
    Is it likely to be genuine, and if it arrives is there anyway of finding out?


    Original Poster…OZW
    Have also found this one
    Ebay Item number: 280623510912 but the label on the brick is different to what I have

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    Not sure about the charger but I'd like to ask the guy who uploaded the customer image why he chose to upload a picture of a baby in a basket!?!

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    Ha- I didn't even notice that! oO

    well if its not genuine hp its very misleading, having said that it will no doubt do the job fine as the reviews say.i have used cheaper replacement chargers before and they do the job fine.

    don't pay £40 for a replacement charger that's for sure.

    If u get a non-official one, make sure the seller offers a guarantee (of 1 year or something) and are UK based. I bought a cheap charger from China and it broke within a couple of months, and would have cost too much to return so had to buy a new one - got one from thse uys on ebay (http://stores . ebay and couldn't be happier. Arrived next day and is a quality product, seems well built.

    Don't bother with official chargers, they're just overpriced.
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    Thank you both, appreciate your comments.
    Went into our local shop a couple of days ago & he said for this particular laptop the aftermarket ones were a no go as there were reports of the mouse pad failing to work after using them... They have some cheap ones on Ebay for £6-£10 but it just worries me what he said.
    The amazon one doesn't mention a warranty whereas the Ebay one does
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