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Posted 8th Jun 2022
Hi guys.
I am looking for a laptop for up to £600 which will be good enough for some video editing/basic gaming. So far I found these:



I know that 1st one has a better graphics and 2nd one better cpu, but have no idea which one of these would be better overall. If you can recommend any other I would appreciate it.
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    Box have a few similar age/spec in that price bracket


    Im not a gamer but Ive got a Lenovo Legion 5 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H GTX2060 from 18 months ago. At that time people were recommending the 144mhz screens over the 120mhz screen for quality.

    Personally I'd be biased toward a Lenovo Legion 5 like these with a better screen....build quality on mine has been really good


    box.co.uk/81Y…tml but £50 more

    If you want to check the full spec on any lenovo you can use the psref link to lookup the model number

    i.e. last link above is psref.lenovo.com/Det…SUK
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    I've never heard of this word comperation

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    Gollywood made a perfectly cromulent point
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    Also available from amazon and AO via ebay for the same price. (edited)