laptop cpu?which one?

    Hi im looking to buy a new laptop at the weekend and was wondering about the cpu,i see theres pentium duo and then theres duo 2,is the duo 2 that much faster and worth spending the extra £100 on top?also i saw a athlon cpu Athlon 64X2 TK57,any advice would be a help



    It depends what you are going to do with the laptop.

    If all you are going to do is e-mails, use the internet, listen music and so on then this is never going to stretch your CPU and any reasonable CPU will do.

    Even downloading files from the internet is more about the speed of your internet connection that the speed of your CPU.

    Only if you are doing CPU intensive things like video editing and so on do you need a super fast CPU.

    Currently the "best" CPUs are the Intel Core 2 Duo, the older Pentium CPUs tend to run hotter and use more power.

    However the Athlon CPU will probably be fine and Athlon CPUs tend to be cheaper than Intel CPUs so that should make the laptop overall price cheaper.

    You can compare relative CPU speeds here

    Not all CPUs are on the list, but many of the common ones are.

    If you go on the "list of CPUs" chart you can see the relative speed of a CPU (compared to the others - higher number the better) and also its rank (lower number the better).

    The best processor at the moment is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2 x 3.00Ghz 6Mb Cache 1333 FSB Dual Core.You can find it at :…00O


    The best processor at the moment is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2 x 3.00Ghz … The best processor at the moment is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2 x 3.00Ghz 6Mb Cache 1333 FSB Dual Core.You can find it at :

    I would love to see you put it in a laptop !!.

    He is asking for a cpu in a laptop.

    He does not want to BUY a CPU, but what cpu is best for a laptop he wants to buy.


    is this oneany good-?

    Here is a chart showng all the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs.…htm

    I think it is in "power" order (best at the top, worst at the bottom)

    The T5250 is second from bottom on the list.

    Note this does not make it a bad CPU, it is probably twice a fast as anything you could have bought say 3 years ago so you have to put it in perspective. Unless you plan to do any very intensive work it will be fine.

    Dont get too hung up on the CPU, when using a computer very few people are standing around wating for the CPU to finish.

    It's probably intensive gamers who are most concerned about CPUs, and if you were interested in gaming you would not be buying a laptop.

    The Gateway laptop looks fine. Plenty of memory (2Gb), large hard disk, Vista Home Premium, DVD rewriter, reasonable graphics.

    Here is another laptop deal from HotUkDeals.…6-/

    You can see it is exactly the same spec (apart from a VERY slightly faster CPU) and is little bit cheaper.

    I have mainly added this here to show you the Gateway at £399 is about the right price.

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    think i might get the one at tescodirect as i can use my staff dicount bringing the price dow to £358 inc delivery
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