Laptop damaged claim on Insurance or not????

Posted 22nd Mar 2010
Hi, had a genuine accident the other day with granddaughter spilling orange squash on my laptop, nearly all the keys are stuck and do not work and so is the mouse, anyway, the next morning I could not boot up so my daughter suggested I ring my Insurance to make a claim. I have informed them and paid the £50 excess to the company that are due to collect the laptop tomorrow and inspect it. I have just turned it on again and can now boot up although the keys are mouse still do not work. Question is should I cancel the claim get my £50 back and get the keyboard fixed myself as I am going to lose all my no claims bonus with this claim ? If I thought they would replace the laptop then I wouldn't have any probs in continuing but not sure now what to do - the laptop is nearly 4 yrs old? Any suggestions would be a great help thanks??
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