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    Hi guys, i had a laptop crash on me this weekend and the drive no longer spins up. I believe the data should be fine and need the data recovered. Any of you know of data recovery specialists that won't cost me an arm and a leg?



    Have you tried to take it out and plug it into another comp ? what model and does it have 'Target' mode ?

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    Yeah, I've connected it to 2 different caddies, same result I'm afraid. Looks like an easy £150 that is needed to be spent......

    I had a similar problem 3 weeks back... this may sound strange but it worked.
    bag the hd in a antistatic bag and tape it up so it is secure get a thick freezer back and bag the already bagged up hd. Do this again with another freezer bag (each time ensure that the edges are sealed to let no air in). Put this in the freezer overnight (around 8-10 hours). After freezing plug into the pc (unbagged of course) and boot up. Also make sure that a fan is directed onto the hd to stop any condensation builing up. Get as much data off as you can before it stops working then follow exactly the same process again to get more data off. I did this on a hd 3 weeks back and recovered all the data i needed.

    if you're lucky the freezer job as described by syanide will work, however sometimes drives can die no matter how long you place them in the freezer, give it a go, it shouldnt void your warranty, so long as you make sure you follow the steps carefully.

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    Thanks all, I have tried in the past the freezer technique with a different hard drive and it too worked after. I'll try and let you guys know!
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