Laptop deal needed!

    Hello all!

    I'm in need of a cheap but decent laptop for my other halfs birthday, i'm looking at stuff around £300 upwards really. I;ve seen alot of offers on laptops the few months on here and lots of dell ones etc, but get a bit confused when people start arguing about processors etc!

    All this laptop needs to be used for is Itunes, photos and web browsing (having word & excel would be nice too instead of works!), so no gaming or anything too harsh! i would say a hard drive of 80gig minimum and dont really wanna go below 1gb of ram.

    So if anyone knows of any good deals please reply!


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    I still stand by the vostro, im using mine at the moment, its an amazing laptop for the price. I think its gone up by £50 now, upgrade the processor to the athlon for £35 and upgrade the battery to 9 cell and et voila you have a 'top of the range' laptop

    Vostro has gone up?
    lol the Vostro 1700 I ordered on Thursday was £800+ before last weeks price drop.

    Yeah, vat and shipping isnt free no more -sigh-

    vat and shipping wasn;t free on vostro previously... that would of made my vostro £529, which was just never gonna happen lol
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