Laptop deal wanted!

    My friend needs a laptop as cheap as possible. She's seen a couple of Acer's in Comet's on sale at around £300 - £400 but I think she's better off staying away from Comet, Currys, Dixons etc... as their customer service is so awful... I know people who've bought a computer, its been dead on arrival and they've taken a month to replace it!

    So, anyone seen anything around this price (£400 max) for these kinds of specs:

    Intel Celeron (or AMD equiv). 1.8 ghz or similar
    Wireless (g)
    40Gb hard drive min.
    512mb RAM min
    DVD writer

    And the normal things like at least 2-3 usb ports, s-vid out if possible (not too worried if not)

    Not worried about graphics card, not worried about processor size too much as she's not going to use it for too much intensive stuff. Would like a decent make that has a rep for lasting or good warrenty terms. We've had acers in the past and impressed with them over a toshiba which was guff.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas....



    Above is a search which should should show up all the latest laptop bargains on HUKD. Have a browse through those. I think acer are good, there are a few in there.

    Original Poster

    Heh. yeah I just came back to say that I did search before posting but in retrospect typing "laotop" isn't THAT helpful!!! LOL!!!

    With the correct spelling, I am now finding exactly the kind of deals I am looking for!
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