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Found 6th Feb
Please help, I have a Lenovo 510s currently on its way which was the eBay deal it has 256 gb ssd and 8gb ram, i7 processor 7th gen its white and has full hd screen although I've read it can be quite dim. It's the deal which was posted on here recently Managed to get 10% off so have paid £490 for it. I actually pressed checkout by mistake as was just seeing if it would still accept the voucher code and next minute I'd bought it! It's for my daughter for college work and to go on to uni with.
She really likes the HP 153 in currys which is £469 but with discount can get for about £435. This one is 8th gen, i5, 4 gb ram and 128 SSD.
There is about £60 quid difference with the Lenovo being more expensive.
Just after advice which is the better buy really? Sorry this is long winded!
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You're getting a lot better spec for the extra £60 so I'd stick with that
Thanks that's what I wondered!
Sorry to hijack but it won't let me 'ASK;' a question. Can anyone recommend a laptop for school use for around £300? Hap checked this Lenovo 510s but bit too expensive. I need Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.
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I was looking at the Lenovo 320s silver in Currys for £329 which I think would have been perfectly adequate for her needs. I don't know anything about computers really just what I have found out from "the knowledgable people" on here! Might be worth a look.
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