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    Am planning on buying a new laptop or desktop, as I'm going to be getting a digital SLR - my Sony Vaio has served me reasonably well, but it's on it's way out (it has a 40gb hard drive and sounds like a light aircraft).

    I'm looking for something that can obviously multi-task, and handle decent photo editing software. Probably 3gb ram and 250gb hard drive minimum.

    I don't mind whether it's a laptop or desktop - although I tend to prefer laptops as they save so much room etc.

    Problem being I'm really struggling with make. I've had bad experiences with HP desktops, and laptops seem a minefield as well. Some people recommend Dell, others wouldn't go near them with a barge pole...

    Dell laptop I had my eye on was the Inspiron 15 (£479 model). Their desktops don't seem to come out with favourable reviews on the website...

    Price range is £350 - £500 max. Desktop obviously needs to include monitor.

    So any advice appreciated! Cheers.

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    I have been running a fujitsu siemens v5505 I got from ebuyer 18 months ago and its still going strong, touch wood.
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