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    hi im after your advice again please. Im going on holkiday soon and thought id take my laptop with me but dont have a dongle or anything. What do i need and r any better than others etc

    thanks x


    Find out if where you are staying has WiFi and if so if it's free. All you need then in a wireless laptop and you are good (If you dont have a wireless laptop add a wireless USB adaptor for £6.99…tml?_%24ja=tsid:11518%7Ccat:19137848%7Cprd:19137848)

    Are you going abroad? Buying a UK dongle that uses the mobile phone networks and using this abroad is very expensive. Using hotel WiFi can be hundreds of pounds cheaper in this instance.

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    If you can't use wifi in your hotel, some countries have networks that offer a pay as you go service for mobile broadband. Buy an unlocked 3g dongle from the bay and get a card from one of the network providers.

    Tell us where you are thinking off going to may help. Here's a couple of providers, many more about though…ria…tml

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    thanks for the quick replies.Im only satying in england .I think it has wifi in the restaurant/bar areas

    You got wi-fi for the laptop? If not, get dongle as mosschops above. Use laptop in bar, Mac D or Starbucks where wi-fi free. Simples.

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    Not sure f i have wifi on laptop.Its a hp 11.6in one i bought from a deal on here.will try and find out

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    So you connect a cable every single time you use the internet?

    lol no sorry im having a very long blonde moment today. Of course it has wifi derrrr .Someone hit me ovber the head now please my brain hurts x
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