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Found 27th May 2007
Here's a question for anyone with the Dell inspiron 640m laptop.

How loud is the DVD drive on yours?

Initially my dvd drive was OK but particular disks made the whole machine vibrate. So I complained and Dell sent me a new drive, but this one seems a little louder overall compared with the previous one, but doesn't have the problem with vibrating.

I still have the old drive so could just switch back put up with the few discs that vibrate the laptop.

Just wondering what experiences you guys have had?
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Are these commercial disks that vibrate or are they ones that you have burned.

Maybe you have a batch of faulty disks. Why would it vibrate on some disks and not others ?
I'm no expert, but I believe you can limit the spin-up speed on cd/dvd rom drives- havn't a clue how though!
With the current drive it occurs with all discs. Both commercial and home-made.

With the old drive it was only specific discs, and these were commercial discs.

I'm just wondering how loud your 640m laptop dvd drive is - i.e. is mine abnormally loud?

PS If anyone knows how to limit the spin-up speed then please do let me know :-)

Why would it vibrate on some disks and not others ?

Not sure, but that's not what I'm really worried about. I'm just interested in whether my new drive is "exceptionally loud" or not.
there's lots of mention on the Dell support site of noisy drives, like this one that links to firmware upgrades (this one specifically mentions a reduction in drive speed to combat a loud drive :


all i did was type loud dvdrive into the support page and got this list:


hope this helps!
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