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Found 27th Dec 2009
Need some advise please. Got an elderly neighbour who has bad eyesight, and he has been told by his son that he needs to get a laptop so he can increase the the size of lettering so he can read books that have/will be downloaded for him.
He has never used a computer before so it needs to be as simple as possible.
I tried to get him large print books at library but live in a small village and it's not exactly swamped with books.
Any advice on a cheap (don't want to spend much in case he decides it's not for him) laptop and which is the best to buy, and also where I can download books free for him (If Poss).
Rep will be added for any help given - Thank you
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You may be better off asking in your local library for a bigger selection of large print books. Our libraries round here are happy to inter-library-loan them for free, and will get you more or less what you want. Our libraries also do housebound visits to the elderly/housebound people. It's all free. Depends on your County I suppose. Try asking them though, before you go buying something expensive. In my experience reading books on line is not satisfying. Maybe his son could print them out though, that might be better...

Edit: Don't forget there's also books on tape - some of them are really good when read by a decent voice artist.
I reckon you'd be better getting an eBook / eReader can make the text size huge and it's easy to use ! :thumbsup:

For example :
e book reader will be perfect

its basically a digital screen handheld on which you scroll through the downloaded books.

there are settings- contrast level/brightness/text size etc

its just like having a real paper book in your hand yet its digital and no worries about carrying pages of pages books around. its slim and light weight you can have upto 50 books at one time

good luck

see ebay to pick up a cheap one
Thanks all rep left:thumbsup:
some countys are bringing in a mp3 book system , small box with buttons on (very simple play/stop/vol system) you have to supply your own headphones and battery . one book on each. might be worth enquiring
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